Venom Tape Asplosion by Monika Grzymala

Made entirely from black tape in a completely white room, though all I could see was Venom exploding all over the place. That’s some nasty alien voms right there.

(via: My Modern Met)


Burtonmons by Vaughn Pinpin / hatboy

Inspired by the usually dead things of Tim Burton, magical pencil person hatboy has taken it upon himself to do what no one else could: reshaping every single cast member of the OG 151 as Burtonified Sandworms, Jack Skellingtons, and that freaky truck driver lady from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure… you are now screaming from being reminded of that. Follow Vaughn’s progress as he reanimates ‘em all over at  his tumblr: hatboy, with prints soon to be available over at the Society6.